A customized full-featured website

We will work with you every step of the way to help your small businesses develop a website that makes you look like a big business.

Get to the top of Google

SEO, SEM, SERP and various other acronyms could be intimidating, stop worrying about them and let us boost your search engine rankings.

Detailed and meaningful analytics

Receive weekly reports detailing what our company is doing to help yours. These reports include various analytics that show progress.

An invaluable resource

All of our customers are assigned a dedicated marketing assistant who will be available to them by phone at anytime during the working day.

Affordable SEO Service

We are the world's first truly affordable SEO service. We know small businesses are in dire need of a marketing service that can help them do a lot, even with a little budget. Still have questions about the services that we offer? You can watch our video on the left and if you still have any questions or are interested in signing up call us at: (716) 980-PEAR

Website Design

When you sign up for our services our first step is always to design your company a beautiful and functional website. We build your website with you not for you, you tell us how you want your site and we will build it out according to your specifications. The websites we create, on average, rank much higher in search engines than traditional websites.
Website Design

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Everybody wants to rank high on Google but very few actually know how. The world of SEO is undoubtedly a complex one, let us help. Google recently said: “If you're thinking about hiring an SEO expert, the earlier the better.” Let us be that expert that can take your business to the next level.

Dedicated Marketing Assistant

When you sign up with Pear Buzz you won’t be matched with an automated voice system, you’ll be matched with a real marketing professional. This assistant will be available during all working hours to answer any and all questions you may have.
Marketing Assistant

Search Engine Optimization

Weekly Progress Reports

We send our customers weekly reports that detail all of the progress we’ve made for them in the past week. These reports include comprehensive analytics that are meaningful and simple to read. We also will send you emails when milestones are made.

Social Media Management

It is undeniable that the world of social media has taken the marketing industry by storm. How will your company leverage this free marketing opportunity? Each of our plans includes Social Media Management, we will create/manage existing Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts. We will make sure the social media world is creating a positive buzz for your company.
Marketing Assistant

Weekly Content

Weekly Content

Weekly content can increase your websites SEO ranking exponentially. Our professional writers will write intriguing keyword rich blog posts based on your input. This will help your site develop a strong following of users that keep on coming back.

Promotional Videos

Our company has found that promotional videos can be a great way to not only help your audience better understand your company but also can help boost your search rankings. With our Pro and Premium level services we create your company Promo videos every other month.
Marketing Assistant

Search Engine Optimization

Pay Per Click Campaigns

If you are interested in also advertising with a service such as Google Adwords you can sign up for our Premium level account and we will manage those campaigns for you. We will find great target keywords and make your campaigns much more effective and successful.