Imagine that Google, when a client searches for information about you, will give negative feedback about it on the first search positions.

How will this affect your reputation and sales?

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Will you contact a company with such a reputation, or will you choose another one?

The causes of such problems can be:

  • Insufficient attention to your own site and other resources
  • Lack of dialogue with customers
  • Wrong communication, rudeness of employees in the network
  • Fake reviews from competitors or unfriendly forces
  • Internet trolls
  • According to statistics, users more often lefts negative reviews than positive ones.
  • While remaining unanswered, the negative outweighs the positive and goes to the top of the search.

Maintaining a positive requires constant work:

  1. Posting of articles and reviews from public persons
  2. Communication with customers
  3. Identifying and exposing information about fake reviews from competitors

Reputation management allows to significantly improve the search output, displace negative from the first positions, make more positive in the company’s media space.