Why use ORM?

Many companies do not consider what impact the internet has on their profits and reputation as long as the problems do not reach them. However, according to surveys conducted by BrightLocal, about 80% of buyers trust reviews on the internet, and 73% of users report that positive feedback from customers gives them confidence in the company.

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Internet users make up the most active and well-off part of the population, and the internet plays a significant role in shaping their opinions about companies, products, and public figures.

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The main problems that threaten the reputation of a company, brand, or person online are:

  1. Negative reviews displayed at the top of the search engine results page for key queries
  2. Negative comments on social networks, forums, and specialized portals
  3. Competitors who disseminate negative information about a company on the internet
  4. Low ratings on review sites, low rankings on search engine results pages, insufficient brand promotion

Just look at how many people read reviews across different business verticals:

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